Thoughts on startups, space, cocktails, and whatever else I find interesting


I'm Jeremy.

I'm starting a company focused on bringing robotics into the auto repair market. I'm still actively angel investing.

Previously I was CEO of a construction technology startup called Quartz. I also spent seven years as one of the founding partners at Lemnos [hardware focused seed fund]. Before that I spent four years as an officer in the Air Force working on weapons grade lasers and missile defense.

This is my personal site and I subscribe to the digital garden theory of blogging. I'll write things that I might later disagree with or when presented with new information change my mind.

You can sign up here to get my posts as a newsletter. I'm writing infrequently these days but space, robotics, and climate change are the areas I'm most likely to write about.

If you want to chat you can find me on twitter @nomadicnerd, LinkedIn here, or email at

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